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We Believe In Financial Self-Sovereignty And Privacy.​

Our team is made up of forward-thinking individuals who are passionate about supporting the growth of Web 3 protocols by providing decentralized infrastructure and computing power. We are committed to collaboration, education, and innovation, and we work tirelessly to educate and empower others who share our vision for the future of consumer blockchain technology.

Meet our Team


Matty Ice

8 years of mining industry experience and expertise in monetary history and tokenomics.

Kyle Hauenstein

With a Master's in 
 Administration, and a
 CPA by profession, Kyle
 leads the finance team.

Brian Raymond

Brian Raymond specializes in blockchain, crypto, and defense as CTO of Taj Quantum and founder of Bitworks.

Paul Benjamin

Paul leads marketing strategy and brand growth through innovative and community-centric approaches.

Mikey Gargiulo

Datacenter Operations.

Rocky Gatland

Datacenter Operations.

Jocelyn Rey

Mining Technician, Research & Development.

Yvonne Garza

Office Manager

Kate Black

Metaverse & GameFi.

Matthew Cecil

Metaverse & GameFi.

Jake Kirse

Metaverse & GameFi.


Company Mascot, Door Greeter, and Guest Announcer.

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